The 7 Rules of Life

Everyone wants to live their best life. Countless dollars are spent each day on self-help books and life coaches who promise to help individuals find and tackle what’s holding them back. But what if the best life coach you could ever have is totally free—and currently sitting in your own home?

The Bible—God’s own holy word—is chock-full of advice that can help you to eliminate nasty habits and move forward in life with confidence. Below, we take a look at seven “Rules of Life,” and the relevant passages for each one in the Bible.

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Finding Hope In a Fallen World

As human beings, we prefer to be in-charge of our circumstances and have a clear view of the future, whether it’s making plans for an upcoming vacation or saving money to build a large nest egg. Unfortunately, life typically has other plans and we soon find ourselves losing all control of the situation.

Today, the future is more uncertain than ever before. Illness, job losses and questions about financial security abound. This uncertainty is no doubt leaving many feeling scared or anxious and looking desperately for hope. Some turn to material objects or other people to provide a means of escape and comfort, but the respite each one brings is only temporary. The struggle to find hope is never-ending. Or is it?

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Introducing Sunday School At Night

Update 6/14: The Sunday School at Night services have concluded. We thank everyone for their interest in this event!

We at Pleasant View understand that as Christians, it’s important to gather together to share in our faith and learn more about God’s word. Unfortunately, current circumstances have dictated changes to our church schedule—including our usual Sunday School sessions—in an effort to keep members of our congregation safe.

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